“My dog was having allergic reactions and the Scio was able to determine all of his allergies exactly the same as the veterinarian confirmed later in blood test. However there was one that was not able to be determined from the vet and that was formaldehyde . I had just purchased a new car and that is the new car smell so I needed to be aware that this was a trigger for my dog . I love the SCIO AND WOULD 100% recommend it.”

Tara G

“My brother was addicted to the World of War Craft to the extreme degree of a crack addict. He was playing anywhere from 14 hours plus a day and not integrating and much of other forms of life.  So with regular treatments we were able to break his addiction and for years later he is able to play the game with discipline. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are to have our brother, husband and father back thank you so much Kimberly.”

Susan M

“My 8 year old cat went missing for several months and had to survive by eating rodents and birds. By the time, we had found him he was so old and weak and was frequently vomiting that I thought he was going to die. I spent $400 at the Vet for them to run tests and x-ray him. They were not sure what was wrong with him, except that his intestines were full of undigested bones (I get not all bones can be digested in a cat). They offered to perform surgery for a $1000, but was not sure it would help him. I was desperate to help my cat and so I contacted Essential Energetics since it had vastly improved my own health and I noticed that they could treat pets. After each treatment, my cat strength increased and vomiting lessened. Within 4 treatment, a change in his diet, and lots of love he became healthy. He now is a very healthy cat, like he was before he went missing. Thank God that there is an alternative form of treatment out there for our pets.” 

Cashna K

“I was very exhausted and had no energy to even take care of myself. I was trying what I could with nutrition, supplements and herbs to get better, but I could not seem to get well enough to get exercise or to be consistent in any self care for me. I felt like I was dying. I was not able to work for over 2 years due to fatigue.

When I contacted Kimberly Mast of Essential Energetics, I was enquiring into whether the Quantum Biofeedback could help me to at least regain some of my energy back. She was very knowledgeable about health and had a compassionate manner in her words. I expressed to her my concerns about driving far and being committed to appointments since I often was too worn out to leave my home. She then informed me that I could receive treatments from her from a distance in the comforts of my home. This seemed a bit strange to me but I had heard of people receiving Reiki from a distance and so decided that I would give it a try.

I noticed an increase in energy the following day after my treatment but because I was so sick I noticed I would decline after about a week. However, each time she worked on me I would feel that much better and go a longer period of time without needing treatment. There was a significant treatment in which my mental state vastly improved and my mind became sharp and had clarity, like it was many years ago before I got ill. I think she worked on me 9 or 10 times and I gradually became better enough that I was able to take care of myself and my daughter. I am now working out 6 times a week at the gym, following a healthy diet, and attending a Masters program at the University. Within 6 months, my whole life has improved incredibly due to the healing treatments I received from Essential Energetics. When I think back to 6 months ago, I could barely walk, cook, or clean for myself. I am amazed and happy with my new life.”

Lexis K

“I personally thought that I was in relatively good health and had a few areas to improve on as we all do.  I knew that I was not getting enough sleep and I knew I was not drinking enough water.

Without even telling Kimberly about my thoughts or about myself in very great detail, from the very first session the biofeedback machine produced reports that told Kimberly this and even more…

My lifelong dislike for onions may be a food sensitivity?  Really?  I always told my Mom I was allergic to onions!

I do not know how it does what it does, but the machines reporting really does allow Kimberly to provide me with a high level look at my body, mind and spirit, and provide suggestions for improvements along the way!  Thank you Kimberly!

Timothy Y

“I’ve been experiencing hot flashes for 10 years, even after going through menopause . A few treatments with the biofeedback/Scio I was able to have relief and resolve this issue. Thank goodness.”

Jan C

“My mother with Multiple Sclerosis was in the hospital with emergency services and due to cognitive difficulties medical staff unable to determine where her challenge was. Thanks to the Biofeedback/Scio we were able to determine that she had a kidney stone that was blocking the tube and were able to direct medical stuff to address it quickly. Thank you so much!”

Laura L

“I have suffered for many years with depression and also not feeling very socially accepted however after a few treatments with the Scio I began to see the sunshine in myself and in my life that I’ve never experienced before thank you so much!”

Don W


“I love it when Kimberly clears my home with the Biofeedback/Scio. I feel energizing renewed and have a new inspiration and creativity within myself. Highly recommend that you do this .”

Lexus C